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Sensei Beauty Vision & Mission


Sensei Beauty empowers you by helping connect your body, mind, and skin to make a harmony to be comfortable and confident within your own skin. We provide each one of you an individualized treatment, sustainable self-care guidance where you can learn about yourself as well as how to prevent you from getting imbalance. When your life changes by big events or environmental shift, we are here to support you back into balance. We would like to be the gatekeeper of your health and beauty for your lifetime.


Sensei Beauty helps you to be happy, confident and enjoy life with the best version of yourself. We offer gentle-yet-powerful modern Japanese acupuncture, with moxibustion, often combined with other east-meets-west modalities, such as face yoga, gua-sha, cupping, LED, microcurrent and micro-needling, and medical skin care products. With our 100% customized treatment service comes with self-care, nutrition and exercise advice based on modern-ancient Japanese beauty wisdoms, we ensure you experience a lifetime body-mind transformation. 

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