Body-Mind-Skin: The Best Anti-Aging Approach

Beauty acupuncture views skin as a “reflection of your inner health and balance,” meaning when your inner health is restored / balanced, your skin will reflect this.


Some wrinkles, sagging etc., are not just the skin surface issue, but often involves bone (loss), muscles and tissues. 

After a few decades of working in the cosmetics industry, I know skin care inside/out:

Topical skin care products are great to take care surface issues, but unfortunately cannot tackle inside issues like bone and muscles.  


The good news is - our cells are "the foundation" of our body including skin, and they re-generate every 30-40 days on average. As cells are consisting of us inside/outside of skin, bones, muscles and tissues,  you can be a "new you" in every few months, literally.

Sensei Beauty offer Beauty acupuncture for targetting cell generation related to aging. The major reasons of our aging are followings: 

A) Telomere length known to shorten by aging and certain life factors* such as chronic diseases, stress, etc.

B) Glycation eating too much fat or sugar, stress, lack of exercise to creating so-called "A.G.E." (Advanced Glycation End products).

C) Oxidation often referred as "free radicals" generated by sun exposure, too much exercise, stress, fatigue, etc.

The good news is - we have an approach for slowing down aging process: eastern medicine.  We approach BOTH physiological and psychological problems together so support to delay aging - because we always work both body and mind together.



*Reference “The Telomere Effect” by Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D. and Elissa Epel, Ph.D. 


Beauty Acupuncture can change your aging factors in inside out - both psychological and physiological levels.  We combine below modalities to enhance long-lasting efficacy.

1) Micro-current enhances ATP creation, lifting and moisturizing skin.

2) LED treatment great way to improve/enhance cell re-generation, ATP creation, etc. Many research papers published about LED therapy for anti-aging skin. See this for LED studies.

3) Gua-sha removes extra fluid retention and detox skin via improving lymphatic flow and possibly to improving the sympathetic switch.

4) Cupping detoxing and improving the blood flow massively, great for tight neck, back and shoulders

LED treatment

Our Strategy

FACE YOGA (individual advice automatically comes with acupuncture)


FACE YOGA to further change your habitual wrinkles, skin sagging and maintain

youthful expressions and to enhance youthful skin contours, glow and detox.

But ... be careful,  over-stretching facial muscles can be adverse effect or can cause

more wrinkles!  Ask the expert what exercises (or UN-exercising) is good for your own

bone and muscle structure.

I am a Face Yoga teacher, learned from the top English teacher Danielle Collins.

We may also advise on nutrition and lifestyle for further enhancement.


Danielle Collins


We believe in East-meets-West approach when it comes to aging skin care. We believe the most advanced science is an important aspect to improve the skin surface.  Scientifically-proven skin care combined with acupuncture will bring the best anti-aging result. 

We are skincare experts and would like to offer the best skin care brand ENVIRON® for those who would love to keep their skin looking younger, brighter and stronger.  

The brand is known to first class medical skin care developed by Dr. Des Fernandes, a surgeon who wanted to stop skin cancer (melanoma) in South Africa.  This the best brand of Vitamin-A which is an essential nutrient for skin cell re-generation.

注)Environ(エンビロン)は日本国内でも入手できますが、皮膚科やエステティシャンなどの専門家の先生 / 専門店を通す必要があります。