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Sensei Beauty à Paris

Beauty Acupuncture Pricing  (Euro)

Beauty Acu-Lift (facial* acupuncture) 

See "wow" result / difference. Proactively reverse the aging appearance



120 (90 min.)

 *Microcurrent or Gua-sha and/or LED & Face Yoga!

Face Yoga

Proactively reverse the aging appearance, especially coming from habitual wrinkles (lines near brows) and sagging cheeks, jowls. This course is 30-min personalized facial yoga, to lift and relax your face. Zoom or in-person

オンラインフェイスヨガ。下がってきた頬、額や眉間の表情じわ, 首のしわなど、エイジングによる変化にしっかり効かせます。美容鍼コースで教わったフォローアップにも

40 (30 min.)

General Acupuncture (non-cosmetic)  

Low back pain, headache, neck/joint pain, hormonal problems, female problems, fatigue, anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, digestive issues (IBS, bloating, gas, loose stool, constipation, GERD, avid reflex, etc.), neurological problems, facial paralysis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin rash 


85 (60 min.)



日本製の非常に細い鍼(髪の毛の太さと同じ)を使用しまうので、痛みはあまりありません。 血管の解剖学的な位置により、まれに








​鍼は痛いのでは?自分にあっているか?など、まずはお話してみたい場合、下記 ZOOM 無料相談をご予約ください。

Note for Your First Appointment

Please come 15min. early for the first time appointment! (if Zoom interview cannot be done)

For your benefit, I would like to do the full examination and consultation (no extra charge by this).  
Also to fill out the intake form on site (take 10- 15min.). As we learn about your health history,
current condition and concerns, we can give you the better care and treatment and result. 

Cancellation Policy:  sorry, there is a cancellation policy since we are in Paris :(.     

  50% cancellation fee up to 48hrs prior to the appointment.
100% fee applies for less than 24 hours notice prior to the appointment.

Call me for urgent cases at 
We accept one time urgent cancellation at the last min.

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