Beauty Acupuncture à Paris

Beauty Acupuncture Pricing  (Euro)

Beauty Acupuncture (acupuncture only)


General Acupuncture (no facial)


Beauty Acupuncture special (acupuncture + additional facial menu*) 

ビューティ鍼灸 美容鍼スペシャル

80 (60 min.)

60 (60 min.)

100 (90 min.)

 *a combination of Microcurrent or Gua-sha, plus LED facial

Beauty Acupuncture (ビューティ鍼灸・美容鍼)は、顔だけではなく身体や頭皮にも鍼をする全身治療です。美容を第一の目的としますが、ホルモンバランスや慢性の痛みなど、身体の不調も一緒にケアしていきます。




Special Package (10-treatment package)

Beauty Acupuncture (acupuncture only)

ビューティ鍼灸(美容鍼)x 10回分

600 (60 min.)

General Acupuncture (no facial)


500 (60 min.)

Beauty Acupuncture platinum (acupuncture + additional facial menu* 


900 (90 min.)

Note  for the First appointment:

Please come 15min. early for the first time appointment!

(if Zoom pre-counseling cannot be done)

For your benefit, I would like to do the full examination and consultation (no extra charge by this).  

Also to fill out the intake form on site (take 10- 15min.). As we learn about your health history,

current condition and concerns, we can give you the better care and treatment. 

Cancellation Policy:  sorry, there is a cancellation policy since we practice is Paris :(.

       0% cancellation fee - more than 24 hours notice.

     50% cancellation fee - 24 -12 hours notice

   100% cancellation fee - less than 12 hours notice prior to the appointment

Call me for urgent cases at  We accept one time urgent cancellation at the last min.


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