Health and Beauty Comes From  Balancing Your Body, Mind and Skin

Bonjour!   This is sensei beauty, an antiaging specialist and licensed acupuncturist from New York currently in Paris.

I am a...

- Licensed acupuncturist through the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the United States

- Doctor in Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine (graduated from Pacific College of Health and Science, the largest Eastern Medicine college in the U.S.) 

- Trained in Japanese acupuncture: the foundation of Kiiko Matsumoto Style Aupuncture 

- Trained in Facial cosmetic acupuncture by Shellie Goldstein

- Certified Face Yoga Teacher, trained by Danielle Collins the best and most known Face Yoga teacher

- Certified in Oncology Acupuncture from one of the biggest cancer centers Memorial Sloan Ketterling Cancer Center

My journey

In 2012, I was diagnosed with a rare type of fast-growing cancer.  

My first surgery proved to be a failure and doctors pushed me to have another bigger surgery.  Searching for the 2nd, 3rd opinions and possible alternatives, I met Dr. Wada, a renowned oncologist & professor in Japan. He believes our bodies have power to heal within.  He recommended me to change my lifestyle, eating habit, stress management and Eastern Medicine can help on all of these.  Convinced by his approach, I made changes to my life. In 2015, accepting my family’s wishes I had a big surgery to remove an organ.  But after this surgery, the pathology found no trace of cancer whatsoever in the extracted organ...  


Over this period, I noticed I looked younger than before.

My skin became more radiant and supple, while I gained more energy and vitality. 

As a marketing professional in beauty industry, I was trained to know everything about topical skin care, dermatological and plastic surgery procedures, etc, but frankly, Eastern Medicine brought the best amazing, lasting natural result.  Before I knew it, I became an acupuncturist myself. 

I started really doing regular facial acupuncture (self-care) from 2017 after studying hard.    But then... again and again, I am amazed by its strong efficacy.



Acupuncture Treatment Before-After

Before and after pictures of my own

(2017 vs. 2020)

Votre PracticienPraticien en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise, Midori a fait ses études à New York et elle est accréditée par le Pacific College of Health and Sciences New York. Elle a obtenu le titre de docteur et de maître ès sciences en acupuncture avec 2800 heures de théorie et de pratique clinique.Proposant une approche globale, elle s’est aussi formé en nutrition selon les principes de Asiatique, et en acupuncture visage anti-aeging.

Dr. Wada's publishing paper links (pubmed): he is a Japanese Medical Doctor, oncologist and an honorary professor at Kyoto University.



Alkaline Diet and Alkalization Therapy (cancer prevention therapy):

Note: Dr. Wada's clinic website is Japanese only.


がんに負けないからだをつくる 和田屋のごはん