Health and Beauty Comes From  Balancing Body, Mind and Skin

Bonjour!   This is sensei beauty, an antiaging specialist and licensed acupuncturist from NY, currently in Paris.

Midori is:

A board-certified licensed acupuncturist (Diplomate licensed acupuncturist),
Doctor in Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine (Pacific College of Health and Science, U.S.) 

The author of a book "Kanshin Method - The Essence of Japanese Acupuncture" (available
in AMAZON JAPAN, and Kinokuniya bookstores in major cities in U.S.)

Trained in Japanese acupuncture Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture 
   (Kiiko is a renowned Japanese master who teaches at Harvard University)

Certified in Facial cosmetic acupuncture by
Shellie Goldstein
   (Shellie is a renowned facial acupuncture master & an educator in the U.S.)

Certified Face Yoga Teacher, trained by
Danielle Collins

Certified in Oncology Acupuncture by Memorial Sloan Ketterling Cancer Center

Studied Hashimoto Hypothyroidism in Chinese Medicine
(pacific college of health and science) 

Midori also holds a Master's Degree in Business and worked in cosmetic/healthcare companies for 20 years, developing and marketing anti-aging products for women. Through her previous career, she learned topical products are not enough when it comes to delaying your "aging appearance" - the best approach is to focus your body, mind and skin altogether.



Pratitienne en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise, Midori a fait ses études à New York et elle est accréditée par le Pacific College of Health and Sciences New York.
Elle a obtenu le titre de docteur et a suivi une formation specialite en acupuncture anti-age pour le visage.  Elle s'est aussi formée en "Médecine functionelle," et elle possède une connaissance approfondie de la médecine occidentale en particulier des maladies auto-immunes et du cancer.
Proposant une approche globale, elle s’est aussi formée en nutrition selon les principles est Asiatiques.
Elle a également publié un livre au Japon "The Essence of Japanese Acupuncture" en 2021.

Elle pratique à paris (10eme ou 12eme) mardi - samedi 10:00 - 19:30 (20:30),
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Before and after pictures of my own

(2017 vs. 2020)

Used modality: Acupuncture only

Dr. Midori McGivern (D.Ac., L.Ac. USA)