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"Sensei" phonetically means teacher, master in Japanese.

Phonetically, "sensei" also means “preemptive,” "(strategically) proactively offend" used in strategic sports such as rugby, football, etc. Sensei beauty aims to help achieve inside/out beauty by proactively managing three layers of our your Skin, Body and Mind.

"Skin" addresses your cell turnover and collagen generation, detoxing, nourishing and topical care.
"Body"  means resolving any of your bodily imbalance – organs, musculoskeletal pain, posture, etc.
"Mind" is all about your stress, emotions, and the quality of your beauty sleep. 

When these three components are in a good balance, your beauty will bloom bigger, and longer. 
That's the reason sensei beauty calls our acupuncture service Beauty Acupuncture. 


06 63 79 36 20 (france) 
+001 646 575 3915 (america)
+086 90 2321 1021 (japan)


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